The Power lies on one’s words. Whether spoken or written. Gandhiji said “Do or Die. Simplest of the words carried loads of meaning. It is inspiring, revolutionising.

It is needless to use Bombastic Phrases or complicated Vocabulary, if the life to the words are right at the appropriate place it speaks miles. Always the simplest of the sentences had shaken the world. I often come across hardest sentences which are long enough to read on third reading, I would get the glimpse of its truest meaning.

The more one is learn’t I believe the simplest one should turn. The soul speaks simple. We sometimes complicate with our reactions. Let there be simple words large achievements.

The Right word at the wrong place losses its Charm. The wrong word at the right place is not appreciated.

Let’s hold it in mind to use the best possible simple words to decorate the sentences to convey the thought.

“Streamline your thoughts word’s flow to the tune” then the sentences are made beautiful.