It has become culture of certain youth to race in bike when there is more traffic. The police are taking all actions to control the said racing by adopting strict regulations. Judiciary has given judgement to wear helmets. There are number of precautionary measures taken continuously by way of placards, hoardings, advertisements through various media. In spite of all the above actions, why are the youth racing?

Whether youth think their lives as value less? Why can’t they learn from accidents of other or what factor thrill them? It became a central point of discussion. Youth think racing is heroism and it helps them to seek the attention of the opposite gender, most of the time. When opposite sex are asked, they do not seem to be admiring racing as a symbol of heroism. This it is often not an en-route to win over the heart of girls. On the guise of heroism, the youths are getting into a trap of mad thrill.

If youth feel race as courage, they can very well join in any racing club and take part in the competition as a genuine racer and show their talent. By this, one can win the heart of not only opposite gender but the whole society. If such option is given to those youth, I am sure that not even 10% involve themselves into legal racing. Thus, it is like building castles on the air.

The real thrill lies, in leading responsible life in respecting their parents, in achieving goals in profession, in supporting family system financially, morally, emotionally and showing to the world the power of youth. Only this can give real thrill and not the illegal race. Most of the racers are in the tender age either in teens or in the early 20s. I strongly feel if they really value their lives, they should not indulge into such unruly race drive because it helps no one but distresses their family.

To borrow loans from an organized sector, youth fears. To start a business, to own responsibility, to drive an organization, the same youth fears. Their confidence trembles, when this type of task is given to them. In fact this kind of responsibility should thrill them instead of a bike race. A minute of unruly thrill will kill your history. Thus it is for parents to nurture them as a responsible citizen of the nation.