Criminals are not born they are made. There might be various reasons by family, friends, acquaintance, greed, lust anger, anxiety and such other emotions. Had it been probed deeply, there will be more number of criminals facing legal cases. One type of crime occurs in one locality for example heinous crimes of murder and attempt to murder etc. happens in a particular district of the State in certain areas. If we are able to analyse criminal records, this aspect would be clear. The attempt of the Government should be to identify such districts, locality and provide counselling to the youth of that locality or to the growing adults.

There is another variety of crimes, which are of economical, white collar and grey collar offence. These types of crimes occur mostly due to greed and wanting to be rich in quick time. Owing to certain positions, these types of people hold the power and use them in a scientific way to enrich their greed. If it is done by the officials, politicians and bureaucrats and then brought to the notice of law, there is a chance of getting punishment through prevention and corruption law provided the same is proved beyond reasonable doubt. Whether the concerned person committed such crime knowing or unknowingly often leads to loss of mental peace. The net result of such illegal money gives a person enormous pain morally and when times extends physically too. What is the psychology behind such crime? The core reason could be individual ego or it could be due to comparison with peers.

According to me few do crime for their livelihood without having any other occupation known to them. They can be rehabilitated by proper counselling. The second variety is those who fall prey for emotions and they stand as a victim of their psychological imbalances, what often attempts them to commit such crime. These types of people do not have intention to hurt anyone. These people need counselling treatment in emotions to control. The next variety of crime is mostly organized and they are very well aware of the consequences that would follow due to the activity orchestrated by them. In 90% of the cases, the person committing such crime know about offences and consequences and they tackle the same with their influence with money power, muscle power and clever tactics. Of these three types, the third variety which is an intellectual type of crime committers, unless and until they themselves want to change, it will become very difficult to save them from the trap. You can always wake up a sleeping bull, but with all efforts, cannot wake up an acting bull.

Normally sexual crime occurs due to some psychological factors, which needs to be corrected by the person who realizes it. They ought to be corrected in the young age. Crime is a sin only to those who thinks it. As William Shakespeare would say “there is nothing called good or bad your thinking makes it so”. Many people think if it is not known to others or if any one manages to handle it in secrecy. One will not be caught and can go out of the act. Great leaders are taking efforts over several decades to turn a good society but more they try the less it seems to be done. God’s punishment on all these things would not be known to others but definitely will be known to the person concerned. It would always remain off the record to his mind.